Douglas Vistèl, Duo  Cello Capriccioso

Friedemann Ludwig, Solocellist des Konzerthausorchesters Berlin

Aristide Du Plessis (Südafrika)

“Julia, the bridge works VERY WELL! Now my cello’s sound is nice and velvety, but at the same time, as solid as a rock! The setup/playability – BRAVO! I really love the way that there is still place on the fingerboard on the A+C strings! wonderful 5ths! I’m very, very pleased!

The most honest Luthier I have ever met!  I have never had a Luthier go into the next room, listen to my cello, then play my cello HERSELF, and then tell me what the cello needs and WHY. Wish I lived in Berlin for THIS reason!
The cello sounds truly GREAT. Strong, not ‘loud’ or ‘piercing’, but nice and round.

Robert Beckmann Berlin, (Geiger u. Sänger bei Grüßaugust und Ex Inchtabokatables)

“Die Geigenbauerin meiner Wahl.”

Sylvia Eulitz,  Berlin, Solocellistin Staatstheater Cottbus, Axel Prahl und das Inselorchester:

“ein wunderbares Cello . . . ”

Remy Belangert de Beauport, Quebec Kanada, Cellist

“great Cello, wonderful strong sound”



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